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9th September 2011

shadow2serenity8:51am: Dragon*Con shenanigans!!!
As you all may or may not know, there was an (almost) epic Clique meet-up at Dragon*Con this year....

....consisting of miana_dude, shadow2serenity, and sache8 (left to right) turning the Peachtree food court into a REAL chat room. ;)

....not to mention some fabulous Airpunzbell....

....and of course, Mal and Inara fighting. At least now we know it wasn't a TRAP. ;)

(Jacked all three of these from Sach since I only got one good pic of us and it wasn't near as good as hers. *hides*)

10th October 2007

shadow2serenity12:33pm: Randomness
Like there was ever anything else to us. ;)

So here, almost two years after the last posting in our happy little group, I'm just addressin' the itch of curiousness: How many of us Cliquers are Browncoats now?

Sache...Qwi...me...Yane...Mi...Mel...Emma...Kady (sorta)...Mina (?)...

Did I miss anyone?

And I say we set about converting the rest, just in time for the BDM sequel rumours to come true. ;)

30th November 2005

miana_dude7:11pm: L O freaking-L
I found this on a random google search. WOW. Just WOW. Good times.


9th October 2005

sache88:47pm: *blink*
Hey, I didn't know we had a community. LOL

16th May 2005

shadow2serenity7:01pm: Scary or intriguing? You decide...
I had an idea yesterday. Y'all duck and run for cover now. ;)

I heard somebody talking about flowers the other day, and this idea crowded its way into my mind: a running gag for the as-yet-nonexistent Week with the Wizards/Witches...

(to be delivered by Voldemort in unending, nerve-rending repetition)

Current Mood: creative

15th February 2005

kades_bug7:02pm: Hrm...
So today I threatened to beat Po with a thwacking stick.

It took me a moment to realize what I'd said. A thwacking stick? That hasn't even been brought up in online chats in at least a year. And yet out it came, as though used not only in chats but in everyday conversation. Have our discussions been so engraved into my brain that I simply can't let it go, or was it just a coincidence?

I need a drink.
Current Mood: scared

5th February 2005

miana_dude4:31pm: LOL
Kades... you're insane. :-p
Current Mood: complacent
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